June 2nd, 2013

Ubuntu: The world’s most popular free OS; NO THANKS

I just wiped out Ubuntu from my computer. The red flag was Ubuntu’s depricating of ffmpeg for a minor fork avconv,- Libav . That got me looking at who is bankrolling Ubuntu. The current baker of Ubuntu is Canonical Ltd. Canonical’s current owner, and founder is Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth. Shuttleworth spent US 20-million to fly in outer space. Who is giving him money? For me Ubuntu does not pass the security “sniff test.” Back to OpenBSD for me.

Update: 2013 June 09: see
“The FFmpeg/Libav situation”


December 23rd, 2012
September 9th, 2012

My browser is out of date – Mozilla sucks

I have an old Apple PPC G4 that I use for browsing and reading email. All of the software products offered by the Mozilla Foundation stopped supporting the Apple PPC platform in April 2012 – how odd, how convenient.

I can’t help but wonder what relationships the Mozilla Foundation has crafted with third parties like Apple and Google, for example. The browser sponsored by Mozilla, Firefox, provides data about users in great detail to any website that a user might visit and provides little, if any, protection to the user of the “open” products Mozilla offers. No doubt any corporate URLs accessed via Firefox, those that “want” every tidbit of information about Firefox users they can get their hands on are happy when users of Firefox land on their sites. Firefox is “open source” in name only – their browser seems to be owned by the highest bidder. Hold what is important to you close – everybody wants what you have. Thinking back to that old SNL skit about landlords – can you say SCUMBAG?

December 15th, 2011

This site

Erm yeah, I f***** up. I might have deleted your comments account. We have/had some nasty injected redirection code you might have seen and erm well, seems like I have been  a bit too rigorous. Sorry.

October 3rd, 2011

The day the chirping stopped

Today was Zoey’s last day.

The little girl woke up and had lost all nerve connections to her back half. Her legs didn’t work, and her fluffy tail just flopped. Bravely she tried to get upstairs in the morning pulling herself with just her front legs.

But it wasn’t meant to be, and Zoey went to visit Cruiser and take a ride on Maxx’s comet about 10am.


The little kitty that had it so hard early in life never let any of that past bother her. She was always purring and chirping as some kitties do.  She was good at it too, you always knew when she was happy, which was just about always.

We’re gonna miss you Zoey, you were the best.

February 6th, 2011
December 24th, 2010

Donations to Wikileaks

Since Mastercard, Visa and Paypal have banned donations to Wikileaks, I can imagine it is pretty hard to donate in a creditcard-oriented society with these near-monopolistic providers.

In my country, it is pretty easy to transfer money to them. If anyone needs help, add comment please.

December 16th, 2010

Tax cuts: Up with the Rich – Down with the poor

While “liberal blogs” in Alaska praise our Senator Begich for standing with Bernie Sanders when Sanders filibustered last Friday and “spoke truth to power,” the reality is elsewhere. The truth is that Sen. Begich “caved” and voted with our other Senator, Lisa Murkowski (maybe), to continue George Bush Jr. tax cuts. The “on the ground” ramifications of their votes will be:

1) an increase to our nation’s deficit (you gotta pay to play)

2) a reduction in taxes for the very rich

3) increased taxes for tax payers working for minimum wage.

4) Folks making 5 million dollars or less will be able to give all of their wealth to their appointed heirs without paying a nickle in taxes (Roosevelt must be spinning in his grave).

5. Folks who make money by investing will continue to pay about 15% less on their income than folks who work.

6. Because of cuts to Social Security withholding – Murkowski (did I spell that right?) and Begich both voted for a real plan to put S.S. in the red.

Am I missing something here?

PS: How odd it is that for the past 2 years the Republicans were obstructionists. For Obama’s “tax cuts for the rich” compromise package (aka extending Bush era tax cuts) the Republicans and the Democrats were on the same page – the only filibuster came from a socialist. HEHE.

November 25th, 2010


Ask the folks on the Pine Ridge Reservation about Thanksgiving. I’ll bet their answers won’t be as “upbeat” as the messages I’m being bombarded with from the corporate press.

“Holiday meals served and delivered to reservation residents”

“Native American tribes have little to be thankful for”

November 2nd, 2010

Something is wrong

Anchorage just saw its first snowfall of the year (slushy and wet); 3 weeks behind schedule. I just watched a flock of 75 or more geese fly overhead – 2 weeks after the geese should be gone and headed off to other climes (to their credit the geese were headed due south). Good luck to us all.