Mad Magazine‘s Alfred E. Neuman’s mantra was “What me worry?” Well, yes – you should. Peter Eckersley has written an interesting paper for the Electronic Frontier Foundation that is available as a PDF file, “How Unique Is Your Web Browser?”

Today I was fiddling around with a search engine that incorporates a proxy server, and the test results at EFF’s site using “Test ME” were eye opening. Of course I have to take privacy promises from the folks at IXQuick at their word (I don’t) – but still it’s an interesting approach bundling a proxy server into a search engine that promisses privacy. If 5% of the folks using search engines switch over because they think that IXQuick offers privacy that Google and others obviously do not this will be a big shake-up in the way The Internet works. FWIW, I’ll buy into what IXQuick is offering after their technology has been reviewed by 3 or 4 independent experts that are granted all privileges to see what IXQuick has implemented; at present all the assurances of privacy come from IXQuick “corporate.” If IXQuick is on the up-and-up that should all happen very soon.