August 10th, 2010

The former senator, dead?

I know fox, but? Ted Stevens dead?

August 17th, 2007

Fed up

Dear xxxxx,

I’m hanging out in Berkeley (land of Fruits and Nuts) with xxxxx at the moment.

Don’t know if you have any interest in AK politics, but if you do this might
be of interest (though if stripped of the details I’m sure it is applicable
in most any part of our country).

FBI investigates science contracts awarded Veco
ARCTIC: $170 million in research contracts coincided with support for polar funding by Sen. Stevens.

FWIW the press keeps reporting how low the approval #’s are for our
Congress – what they fail to mention is that the numbers are low because the
Democrats and Republicans fail to hold our leaders accountable. The press
spins it that the public is upset because the Dems are going after the
Repubs – that of course is BS – the public is PO’d ’cause nobody is swinging
from a tree, not even the low hanging fruit. I’m disgusted with what’s
going on – with the president, the legislature, the current crop of presidential
“hopefuls” and, of course, the Fourth Estate.

July 30th, 2007

Ted’s home

Ted , house, who paid

Net seems to be closing.

Neighbors said agents showed up between 11 a.m. and noon, and a commercial locksmith was called to open the front door. The agents were still there at 8:30 p.m. Stevens, 83, has long been the most powerful political figure in Alaska, and a major force in Congress. A swarm of federal agents serving a search warrant at his home is unprecedented in Alaska politics, and represents the latest chapter in the corruption investigation that burst into view last August when agents raided the offices of state legislators, the oil field services company Veco and others.

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Man, I’ve been over whelmed by what to say about this.

It’s come from the right tards who wanna open up Ted Kennedy’s house to the same scruitny, and the leftys (Yea!) who wanna get more dirt.

What it comes down to is this: This is just the start of the Ted Stevens’ problems, this is only over his house rebuild. The really good news is gonna come from when they finally get to looking at how Ted and Ben set the chess board on the Alaska Fisheries board.

That’s where the millions are, not this dinky couple of hundred thousand dollar deal.

The best part of this has been listening to how Right Wing radio has totally imploded. They knew this was coming, but they looked the other way. Now, they are in total condemnatin mode, “this is not right”…

Eat sticks Dan Fagan.

July 6th, 2006

ADN: a sin of omission

The Anchorage Daily News (ADN) routinely, and perhaps conveniently, fails to report some of the news that is important to its’ readership. Here’s just one example of what, in this ADN readers view, constitutes a bad job of editing down at the Daily News.

I’m certain that when my copy of The Anchorage Daily News arrives in a few hours there will be a story about Alaska Senate President Ben Stevens dropping out of the race for the Senate seat that he currently holds. After all, ADN got this story up on their webpage post haste yesterday afternoon. It is, I would think, pretty hard to avoid printing news about the President of the State Senate, isn’t it?

I wonder if ADN will mention the fine that The Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) leveled against Stevens last Wednesday? And I can’t help but wonder why ADN didn’t report the story about the Stevens fine last Thursday like they should have.

ADN’s omission last week of Stevens most recent transgression was a poor decision on the part of ADN editors. In my opionion ADN did a lousy job (for some maybe they did a good job); and their blunder is yet another example of lousy journalism. It seems to me the editors at ADN got caught with their knickers down around their knees on this one

UPDATE: 2006 JULY 06, 04:17 am

Just got my copy of the Anchorage Daily News and guess what?


There is no mention in ADN today of the fines that APOC leveled against Sen. Ben Stevens last week. What gives??? ADN did cover Sen. Stevens decision not to run and placed the story by Don Hunter on the front page (above the fold), “Stevens to Leave Juneau.” But the ADN story failed to mention last weeks APOC fines and Sen. Stevens sagging poll numbers. I hope that Ray Metcalfe, a “gadfly” according to Hunter’s ADN story, does not stop biting at Sen. Stevens heals. If Sen. Stevens has violated Alaska’s financial disclosure rules, he has soiled the trust he must hold with the citizens of this state and should be held responsible for his actions. Perhaps Sen. Stevens, and maybe even some at the Anchorage Daily News, now hope that all will be forgotten or forgiven since our senator has decided not to run; I sure hope not! By deciding not to report the APOC findings and the resulting fines against Sen. Stevens, the editors at the Anchorage Daily News have done the voters and the citizens of Alaska wrong; Fourth Estate my…….

Edit: A list of some of Ben’s Bribes. (gg)

July 1st, 2006

Son of Ted gets a bundle

Our friends at Insurgent 49 have published Ray Metcalfe’s analysis of the funds Alaska State Senator Ben Stevens (aka “little Hulk”) has received from a variety of sources – sheesh I wish I had that kind of money.

Ray Metcalfe, “Follow the Money.”

P.S. It would seem from Metcalfe’s analysis that Dad (U.S. Senator Ted Stevens) helped his son (State Senator Ben Stevens) out with a few of our Federal dollars.