May 5th, 2011

ADN puts advertisement for “outside” restrurant on front page

Hmmm, So ADN editor/publisher Pat Dougherty, the guy that fired the majority of the ADN staff at the direction of McClatchy corporate HQ, is now running what amount to advertisements for outside corporations using ADN as the outlet. Somebody ought to start something to compete with ADN – just say’n.


October 23rd, 2010

Is the Anchorage Daily News favoring profit over news: or relgion over news?

A number of national news commentators have emphasized the importance of asking Republican candidates where they stand on social issues. That does not seem to be an issue for for the Anchorage Daily News (ADN). Comments to ADN articles about Senatorial Candidate Joe Miller that mention Miller’s views on abortion and religion are routinely being deleted by ADN staff , including comments that link to articles published by ADN about candidate Joe Miller (Joe Miller thinks that women who are the victims of rape or insest should bear the child so begotten) Quoting Joe Millers comments as published by ADN:

23. State your position on abortion.

I am unequivocally pro-life. I do not believe that U.S. tax dollars should be used to fund abortions. Unlike my opponent, I would never have voted to repeal the Mexico City Policy, a Reagan-era policy that prohibited “funding of nongovernmental organizations that promote abortion as a method of birth control.” Notwithstanding the Hyde Amendment, Senator Sam Brownback stated that repeal of the Mexico City Policy would “send taxpayer dollars to fund abortions overseas.”

24. Do you believe abortions should be allowed in the case of rape or incest? What about when the life of the mother is at risk?

They should be allowed when the life of the mother is at risk.

Comments that posit that Joe Miller might loose his Senate bid if he does not receive support from Jerry Prevo’s Baptist Temple or the folks that are members of the other big Christian groups in Anchorage, like ChangePoint Ministries, are also being deleted by ADN. ADN is also deleting comments that question Joe Miller’s views on the “separation of church and state.” What’s going on at ADN? Given the tenor of the comments to most articles involving Joe Miller at the ADN website it seems kind of odd that ADN chooses to delete only comments that involve Joe Millers views on religion or social issues?

May 11th, 2010

ADN – dirty words

Anchorage Daily News disallows these words in comments:

PO (from update)

Tonight I wrote a comment to an editorial that the Anchorage Daily News wrote:

Our view: Keep ANWR in play: Wilderness designation wrong for coastal plain

What really got my goat was this statement from ADN editors:

The coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be open to careful oil and gas exploration.

In my comment I tried to call the press in Alaska “whores” but ADN disallowed the use of the word “whore” and would not accept my comment.

No doubt ADN has lots of other words they won’t allow – I’d like to create a list. Send me any words that ADN flags for you:

Update: my last comment sums it up:

CityKid wrote on 05/11/2010 03:00:02 AM:

Politics is, after all, the allocation of scarce commodities and resources. Prostitution is, it seems to me, a perfect metaphor. How ironic that the Anchorage Daily News bans the use of the word _hore in its comment section.

UPDATE 2010 July 04 – add “PO” to the banned list. Guess the abbreviation for “Police Officer” is an ADN no-no.

April 3rd, 2009

Volcanic Mudflows threaten crude oil tanks (updated 2009 April 03)

AVO webcam - 2009 March 30

It’s ironic that only a few days after the 20th anniversary of The Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound a new environmental disaster may be looming on the Alaskan horizon. This time it’s a potential crude oil spill into Cook Inlet. The press has only recently started paying attention to the peril of a tank farm containing more than six-million gallons of crude oil. The Chevron tank farm is located just northeast of the currently active Mt. Redoubt volcano where the Drift River empties into Cook Inlet. I suspect the current attention from The Fourth Estate is due in part to the mention of the potential for disaster by Alaska blogger AKMuckraker at Huffingtonpost and at Mudflats (here and here)

Please call your Congressional Representatives and urge them to push for Federal Action if Alaska’s government does not take steps to see that the tanks at Chevron’s Drift River Terminal are drained immediately. You might also consider contacting The Obama Administration, Secretary of the Interior
Ken Salazar might be a good person to start with.

It is this kids opinion that the failure of The State of Alaska and the Federal Government to demand that the tanks be drained the moment that Mt. Redoubt erupted (Sunday night, 2009 March 22) demonstrates callous indifference, stupidity and perhaps even malfeasance on the part of those who claim to be protecting the public and our nation.

Update 01: I think it’s worth noting what Tom Kizzia reported in ADN a couple of months ago about Chevron’s refusal to disclose the quantity of oil stored at its Drift River facility. ADN published the article in January and updated it in February. Chevron invoked “Homeland Security” as justification for not disclosing how much oil was being stored at its Drift River facility. This too is ironic and is all too common in our brave new world – “doublespeak” has become a matter of course for the powerful and the elite:

Citing new homeland security rules, a spokeswoman for Chevron refused to say how much oil is normally stored at Drift River these days, how much is currently on hand and whether there are plans to summon extra tankers and drain the tanks.

“That’s not public information,” said Chevron’s Roxanne Sinz. “We can’t release any numbers.”

State and federal oil spill officials will go a bit further. They say the storage at Drift River is being reduced this week. But they won’t say by how much.

Update 02: For readers unfamiliar with Alaska, Mt. Redoubt is located in The Lake Clark National Park. Chevron’s Drift River tank farm lies just outside The Parks boundary. Lake Clark National Park is consider by many to encompass some of the most beautiful country in Alaska. Map (Lake Clark Park and Reserve); Map (detail Mt. Redoubt and Drift River)

Update 03: State/Federal Joint Command: Drift River Terminal Flooding. The current status reports for official appraisals and actions are updated daily at 4 pm.

Update 04:
Cook Inletkeeper – Watershed Watch has information on their webpage about what is going on with the Drift River tanks as well as a copy of a letter, sent yesterday, March 26, to “Secretary Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security, requesting oil drawn-down at Drift River Terminal” and signed by many of the organizations that work towards maintaining our environment here in Alaska. [addendum: on March 27 Inletkeeper added this (in PDF format), "Petition to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Requesting an Emergency Declaration for the Drift River Oil Terminal at the Base of Mount Redoubt"]

Update 05 (2009 March 30): This afternoon at 1 pm the “Unified Command established to address Drift River Terminal situation” held a press conference at AVO located on the APU Campus in Anchorage. I was unable to attend and would be interested in hearing from someone who attended.

* Reuter’s reporting on the news conference.
* Seattle Times coverage.
* APRN: “Officials Consider Removing Oil at Drift River Terminal”
* KTUU: “Unified command formed to deal with Drift River Terminal” (CK says, “good job Lori.”)

On Friday AK State Representatives Les Gara, Beth Kerttula, Berta Gardner, Harry Crawford, Pete Petersen, Chris Tuck, Bob Buch, Max Gruenberg and Woodie Salmon wrote a letter to the Commissioners of The Department of Fish and Game and The Department of Environmental Conservation expressing their concern and requesting information on the situation, the feasibility of draining the Drift River tanks and the coming need to store more oil (from platform production). PDF copy of 2009 March 27 letter from AK Reps – click here; Text copy of response from DEC Legislative Liaison Carlson-Van Dort (formatting may not match original) – click here.

Other resources you might find of use (PDF format):
* Cook Inlet Pipeline Co, Drift River Terminal Fact sheet (EPA)
* Drift River Final Permit (EPA)

Update 06 (2009 March 31):

* APRN: “Plan to Remove Oil from Tanks Near Mount Redoubt” [HMMMM, there is a problem with this report from APRN - in their report, and on their webpage, APRN says "about 6 million gallons of oil is currently sitting in 2 tanks at the facility, 3 other tanks on site are empty and cleaned." OK - but there are 7 tanks at the Drift River OIL Terminal, what's the status of the 2 tanks that APRN fails to mention? DEC reported to AK State Reps on Friday that, "There are two crude oil storage tanks at the Drift River facility each of which contain approximately 75,000 barrels of crude oil. Of the remaining five, 4 are scrubbed out and completely empty, one tank is empty but has not been scrubbed out.." Seems to me that this would shoot big holes in the argument that Chevron should be allowed to leave some oil in for ballast supposedly, some Coast Guard employees have claimed, to avoid the same thing that happened in New Orleans. Personally, I think the "ballast" argument may be a ruse to allow Chevron to maintain oil production at current levels in The Inlet. Despite the risks, Chevron etal. want to use Drift River Oil Terminal even as Mt. Redoubt threatens the facility. Several reports have noted that by leaving oil in the tanks Chevron could "start-up" the oil terminal much quicker. Quicker might be better for Chevron, but is the risk to Cook Inlet worth it? APRN's report leaves me wondering if there is one dirty and empty tank (as claimed by DEC), or two "dirty" but empty tanks at the oil terminal now? The public needs to know what's up - please finish the story.]

Update 07 (2009 April 01-02)

comment: Honey Pie, now you’ve hit the bigtime!

Press conference this afternoon at 1300h
Press conference announcements are sort of like watching the AVO website. If it’s happening you can count on the press to be there. Too bad because they could report the news w/o the help of “The Joint Task Force.” Now, look for the ash.

* CNN has a big thing on – “Oil to be moved from huge tanks near volcano”

*AP – via Google “The plan is to leave nearly 1.7 million gallons in each tank” [ugh - that's 3.4 million gallons]

*ADN reports: “A Coast Guard official said this afternoon that a tanker is scheduled Saturday to begin loading 6.3 million gallons of crude oil from the Drift River oil terminal and two other “critically full” storage facilities on the west side of Cook Inlet.” [ADN is fibbing / lying, unless all the other news outlets have got it wrong. I assume ADN got its lead from the news conference held April 02. It would seem that according to the "Unified Command" or whatever they call themselves (I've lost track) at least 1.6 million gallons of sweet crude will remain in the tanks at Drift River. So ADN is playing with words, I wish I was better with words - but lets see, if I have 6.3 million gallons of oil and I plan on removing 4 million gallons, I could say that I've started pumping 6.3 million (or could I?) - shame on ADN!!!! What do they take us for, small town dweebs? Ahem.]

* (from April 01, before the most recent press confernce) Homer Tribune, “‘Move the crude now,’ group urges”

January 9th, 2009

Why ADN is failing – we here in Alaska will suffer!

Two words, it’s not complicated: “Outside ownership.”

Just a couple of years back the Anchorage Daily News was a profitable newspaper. But ADN has been in trouble ever since The McClatchy Comapany which owns the Daily News burdened itself with debts intended to grow its holdings. ADN management now claims that they are in trouble because of “National trends” in the newspaper business. That’s pure B.S. ADN is in trouble because the owners, The McClatchy Company, has been demanding cuts (wage, costs, salaries) from all of the papers that they own. That in turn has diminished the quality of the newspapers that The McClatchy Company publishes and has severely damaged the subscriber base of their newspapers (I bailed on ADN a year ago). McClatchy bought ADN, killed off the competition and sucked off the profits for many years. NOW, when The McClatchy Company is in trouble, we Alaskans are being left without quality news coverage -and- not even a hint of investigative journalism. The McClatchy Company, using ADN management to cover their tracks, has the temerity to blame ADN’s problems on National Trends. That’s BS – but, of course, we will end up paying the price for McClatchy’s bad business practices. ADN is failing because a large National Corporation is failing. Left alone ADN would still be a viable business entity.

Good nite, and good luck to us all.

July 29th, 2007

ADN: are you getting what you pay for?

Anchorage Daily News
Sunday, 2007 July 29

Paper as delivered: 950 grams

Advertising inserts and supplements: 620 grams (65% of total weight)
All other sections: 330 grams (35% of total weight)

Weight by section:

- Front “A section:” 47 grams (5%)
- Alaska “B section:” 30 grams (3%)
- Outdoors & Travel, “K Section:” 21 grams (2%)
- Sports “C section:” 48 grams (5%)
- Ideas & Opinion “J section:” 21 grams (2%)
- Money “H section:” 24 grams (3%)
- Life & Arts “G section:” 30 grams (3%)
- TV News: 50 grams (5%)
- Parade sup: 24 grams (3%)
- Sunday comics: 22 grams (3%)

P.S. 454 grams = 1 pound

January 8th, 2007

I smell something: Hollywood Vista, Marc Marlow and the Anchorage City Council

Well, well… the voters have spoken. It seems that most of us want a cleaner more honest form of government; at least as far as our elected representatives are concerned. But the Anchorage Daily News, despite frequent editorials that decry unethical behavior by elected officials, has once again waited until the last minute to report on an important local story. To my way of thinking this puts ADN in the same barrel with the scumbags who’ve taken bribes and lied to us in the past because it precludes our involvement in our government. I think that ADN’s delay is intentional and planned. Like so many other stories that ADN has reported on short notice or after the fact, the story, if acted on by the citizens of Anchorage, might have a real impact and disrupt what has already been planned. Well at least ADN reported this story before the fact (albeit only 2-”working days” before) rather than reporting the story 2 days after the deal is sealed as ADN has often done in the past.

This time it’s a possible land deal between “big deal” land developer Marc Marlow – and The Municipality of Anchorage (link to PDF of proposed Ordinance No. AO 2006-178). I get my news from the same places that everyone else does, so I was more than a bit surprised when the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) reported on Saturday, January 6, 2007 on page 1 (above the fold) a “POSH look planned for bluff housing;” the very first I’ve heard of it (and I even did a news search with Lexis). It seems that the City plans to sell developer Mark Marlow the 12.5 acres on Government Hill formerly known as “Hollywood Vista” apartments for, according to ADN $3.5 million. Sweet! In return, again according to ADN, Marlow will dedicate 10% of the 90 units he is reportedly planning on building (that’s 9 units folks) as affordable. N.B: for Marlow and The City ADN says $200,000 (almost 1/4 of a million dollars) is affordable.

This is just so much HORSE SHIT; again. Anchorage is in desperate need of affordable housing – but now the city is selling off a big chunk of prime city property to an already rich developer to build more luxury units?????? Did I miss something? Are all those unsold condos in the classified section a figment of my imagination? Is the crime rate in Anchorage also part of my imaginary landscape? Perhaps I’ve been misled to think there is a relationship between the real cost-of-living and crime;a curse on all those eggheads who’ve lead me astray. So I guess it’s business-as-usual here in Anchorage; screw me, screw you, screw any body who’s not a “mover and a shaker” in Anchorage (can you spell ELITES – perhaps read Robert Dahl if you need a definition of elite). Yet again we are going to get fleeced, and The City will tell us it’s for our own good. I can’t wait.

Please consider testifying this Tuesday at the Assembly Meeting and request that The City wait until the residents of Anchorage have had time to study the details of this land deal. ADN reported last Saturday that public testimony will be taken at this Tuesday’s Assembly meeting. At a minimum we should request (demand ??) that the City and Mark Marlow make the “relevant particulars” of their plans public – VERY PUBLIC so that we can study the details before we advise our elected representatives and thereby The Anchorage Assembly how we think our land should be used.