May 15th, 2010

He Was A Good Dog And Friend

O’Sages Crimson Crusader



November 28, 1994 – May 15, 2010

Go chase some bunnies buddy. We’re gonna miss you.

August 27th, 2009

The dogs and people

Bear with me, maybe a bit of a long intro. My back yard faces a small park “lint” running in parallel to the freeway behind it. My office is at the back of my house in the former garage. This morning, I was working in my office. As it is a bit hot I was not wearing shoes and no shirt. Suddenly I hear panicky dog barking, not just barking, this was sounding “not good”. So first I ignore, I mean, sometimes dogs get in a little “upset”. After about a minute I decide to get up and have a peek over the fence, and I see 3 people surrounding what must obviously be fighting dogs (hard to see with the trees). One is slapping and I hear him scream from the top of his lungs “LET GO!!!! LET GO!!!! LET GO!!!!”. I watch for a short while to assess if they are or getting in control. Meanwhile, I see my neighbor (woman) also peeking over her fence and having a sort of “how awful isn’t it?” attitude. After about a minute I decide the situation is not improving. I rush back in, lace my shoes, jump in a shirt and walk over. There is no opening in my fence so I walk 3 houses down, cross, a 3 back again. All in all it must have been 4 minutes absolute minimum from the moment I hear the first signs of the fight. One of the guys is waving as I walk up “run, run please!” To make a long story short, I help contain the very aggressive, but thoroughly lined up Shefford Terrier (sp), who had up till that moment the other dogs breast firmly in its mouth. The wounded dog, that is unleashed, falls down, so I make sure the two other guys stay with it, while I keep the aggressor down by firmly grabbing it’s neck with two hands and pushing basically into the asphalt. The young woman walking it was in tears but kept her cool and I learn she is from the dog rescue nearby and has already called for help. Their jeep arrives soon, they pick up the victim dog to care for at the recue and lock away their own aggressor, that is still completely in red-eye mode in a cage in the jeep. Things settle, move on.

Now why am I writing this all down. I was stunned to lean this:

1) while we were containing the aggresor, a guy with two small dogs walks up from the other side, watches for a few, then decides to move on, passing us. Yes, he did go over the grass, probably keeping like 20 feet distance. WTF?????? This dog was going crazy and the other one was in serious distress and he passes with his f-ing dogs? It didn’t happen but it could have spurred another round of aggression. I even shouted at him he better turn back, but NOOOOOOO.

2) another, somewhat older man comes up with his dog too and simply stops and watches.

3) the neighbor did nothing. I know she saw and heard it, as we exchanged one or two words.

4) as I walked back after the event I see my other neighbors sitting in two garden chairs, 40-something-ers. As I said, I was was triggered while sitting inside and let me assure you the dogs howling and people screaming was NOT good.

Both neighbors, while nice are of the type they are annoyed if some fluff from trees in the park blow to their garden.

My point is: WTF is wrong with these people??

disclaimer: I do not particularly like dogs in general and holding down this winding biting-mouth-on-four-legs did not make me feel very comfortable, but that is hardly the point.

July 4th, 2009

Beating some odds

September 9th last year this girl was given only 4 months to live.

Good girl Hidey.

And it wouldn’t have happened if JDW hadn’t spent so much time with her. Hidey got literally weeks if not months of lap time, and a special place on the bed. JDW never let Hidey have a second where she didn’t know she was loved. Thanks sweetheart.

February 9th, 2009

Live and let live

Tonight, around 8:10 PM CET, Eluana Anglaro passed away.

May she rest in eternal peace.

Previously: It’s 1992. Then 22 year Italian young woman Eluana Anglaro is caught in a deadly car crash. Her body refused to die, but she was deeply comatose, and in essence, well, dead. Her father decided she had to be let go. Sad detail is that a friend of Eluana also had gone into a deep coma and according to her father, she had told him that that wasn’t life, and she would never want to live live like that. Fast forward 2009. The now 38 year old Eluana’s body is still alive, and her father is still fighting to give her a respectful, caring, compassionate death. Last 10 years of the fight was before the highest justice body of Italy.

All that time, Rome, as in, the Catholic Church, has kept up a venomous and intense campaign to deny this woman her right to die. This of course stalled any lawmaking in unstable Italian politics. Finally, in November 2008 a few days ago, the highest court greenlighted her to be taken off artificial nutrition. Next hurdle was to find a clinic that would actually dared to do that. I think it would be fair to compare this situation with the abortion doctors in the US. A private clinic was found, and as far as I have understood, its doctors have now protection. She is off support as of yesterday morning and it should take another 3 to 4 days from now for her body to give up. But the craziness didn’t stop here.

The Italian administration (or cabinet as it’s called) yesterday met in a special meeting, to file a decree to forbid this to go through. Prime minister, now the right winged, 72 year old (remember, calling Obama “nicely suntanned” ?) womanizer and media moloch Silvio Berlusconi, had the insane, insulting and indecent brutality to state in public: “as a father, I will NOT take the responsibility for Eluana’s death”. He also stated the woman can still bear children “as she is still having her periods”, suggesting she can be cured. The Vatican immediately marked the decree as “a very courageous decision”. Now the president has to sign every law and decree, but you have to understand, a president in Italy is not a president of say the US: he has no executive powers. In this sense, the president is more like a head of state, a king. President Georgio Napolitano an hour and a half later refused to sign the decree, stating it is against the Italian constitution to file a decree that is going against the judgement of the highest court.

Don’t cheer yet, it’s not over. My prayers (in a non-religious sense) are with poor mr. Englaro. And mr. Napolitano has my deepest respect.

Latest (7-2): Italian parliament will gather Monday to debate. Not a good sign.

Latest (8-2): As expected: inspectors were sent to the clinic and they found “administrative irregularities”, and are trying to prove the clinic is not a sanatorium as spoken of in the last verdict. Pope Benedictus made strong hint in a Sunday speach. And one of the cardinals phoned Napolitano. And the church cheered parliament’s effort to ratify the decree on Monday. Told ya. In a response, Eluana’s father has publicly invited both Berlusconi and Napolitano to the clinic.

Latest (9-2): Police filed a request at the justice department to seize the room where Eluana is dying.

Latest (9-2): She passed away. I will refrain from posting, as well as commenting on the Vatican’s declaration.

Side note one: of course, dozens of people are “let go” of each year in Italy, but that is simply under the surface. One of my siblings is a chief anesthesiologist, say no more. It’s just a private, silence thing.

Side note two: it might seem I am on an anti-religion roll, just after yesterday’s post. I am not. Old men telling others what to live and die for is what gets me. Together with the Richardson drama, this is the fast lane to my disrespect.

January 25th, 2008

The gull and the cat

I know some cat lovers are drooling around here. I find this pretty funny, from either perspective. You can choose “who wins” and in what way.

The gull and the cat

Na nana nana na.

December 1st, 2007

For Great Grey