February 8th, 2009

Winter in Holland

Dutch winter is, I guess, a bit different than, say, Alaskan. More moderate, and well, we haven’t had some serious natural ice for 12 years. So when it arrived in early January, well, it makes for a few pictures I would like to share. Get out the skates! The conversion to flash is not flawless, but hey, I am not going to post PowerPoint files here. Ignore the captions and enjoy. Click for next slide.

September 14th, 2008

The last night of the proms

Ok, I fully admit, I am an idiot and a lazy bastard, but here we go again, as both are so fueled by corporate stupidity. Here we go.

Yesterday evening, I missed BBC’s “last night of the proms”, which is fully broadcasted here. Actually we do have BBC1 and BBC2 (that is the UK channels, not the world channels) on our cable. So. I wanted to watch it on the BBC website right? Wrong! Only UK IP addresses can watch it. Oh but wait, at least I can listen (which unfortunately is less than half the fun on the last night, but alas). Wrong: needs Real (shrudder) Player nagware, no thanks, or BBC’s Microsoft technology DRM crippled iPlayer (payed for by the British taxpayers), no thanks.

Anyone got a better link?

I am already downloading the 2007 proms through bittorrent to Miro. But wait……

May 24th, 2008

The television

Thanks Harryoh

May 17th, 2008

Is WWR a thing of the past?

Whole Wheat Radio (WWR) was a common link for all of us. Operated out of Talkeetna, Alaska by Jim Kloss, the chat page at WWR Radio provided a venue for people from all over the world to discuss music, politics and to hook-up; that’s how all of the folks here at the Nest got together. Over time Jim, the guy that put WWR together has became increasingly paranoid and has driven fans and friends away from his site – it’s too bad because there was a lot of potential there. Instead of fighting “commercial web creep” Jim has chosen to become part and parcel. Now it seems that Jim has decided listeners are less important than his WIKI fantasy. Does he really believe that his programing can outdo WKCR, WBAI, WFMU or WDVX just to name a few that I listen to? I think Jim may be in for a rude surprise; too big for his britches I suspect – over and out from Anchorage.

April 21st, 2008

The sun and the poems

No words

Experimental Typography

Added: seem their website is a bit overloaded. Above picture doesn’t load either. Try later pls.

March 8th, 2008

The park

Justice at last!!!!! Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is an oasis in an otherwise let’s say busy city center. And well, erm, some people, esp in the gay scene like to have sex in the bushes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like a nightly orgy there, but yes it DOES happen, frequently, hush hush. Illegal btw. The city administration and the police now decided that people walking their dogs without a leash, read, biting at runners (or to people having sex, hehe) or shitting on the playground are actually a bigger nuisance than, well, the nightly rompers. So, they’ll quit chasing the gaspers and go after the barkers owners. LMAO!

November 3rd, 2007

The brain overruling the senses

Oh I love this.

If you want to do this yourself, make the dragon (print, cut, fold and glue. I did i, and believe me, it’s fun!)

October 5th, 2007

The horses

Truly amazing.

September 27th, 2007

The fun burial

“Buried alive for $100″. A family here will gladly put you in a coffin (air provided through a pipe), bury you 6 feet, and hoist a 8000 pound concrete block on top of you. There is an emergency button and you have an intercom. Max time: one hour. Here is a link to the Dutch newspaper article.

Buried alive

Small excerpt:

With a bang the coffin closes. Then the moaning of the crane. Another bang. The 8000 pound concrete block is in place now too. Here I am. 6 feet underground. 45 minutes to go.


The experience of previous customers – about 4 a month in high season – is that I should be prepared for a little panic attack. “Everybody flips out for a moment, especially at the beginning”, Francien told me while having coffee. Whatever happens next, is different for each individual. One started to talk with the dead, others have taken radical decisions about their lives. “You’re completely thrown back on yourself. No phone, only your brains. Makes you think eh?” Francien said.



July 20th, 2007

The freed TV

I am usually not so much into reposting Boing Boing posts for the most obvious reason (you are already reading it!), but this is one the notable exceptions.

Miro is easy: just pick some channels — video podcast feeds — and Miro will download all the video from your channels. Miro downloads with Bittorrent, meaning that there’s never a problem with popular sites going down because they’re clobbered by too many requests. Miro can play any video, because it incorporates the free/open video player called VLC, which plays practically every video format under the sun. Miro also grabs YouTube videos, and has access to more HD content than any other source online or off.

The future of Internet TV is too important to belong to one company. Internet TV needs to live atop something open and free, the way that the Web lives on top of the open and free Firefox browser. That’s why Miro is licensed under the GPL, the gold standard in open/free licensing, meaning that anyone can take Miro and run with it, improve it, sell it, or give it away.

Miro is created by a charitable foundation called the Participatory Culture Foundation, an organization that also makes complimentary, free packages like Broadcast Machine (for publishing your own video channels) and VideoBomb (like Digg, but for video). The foundation pays programmers to improve the technology, and it’s entirely free to use and improve.

Let me tell you, I downloaded Democracy Player as it was called then before, and I didn’t get it, tossed it out. Sure, it downloaded video, so?? I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is TV 2.0. It plugs into thousands of free video sources called channels and you can define your own (think in terms of “search all video’s tagged with ‘college prank’ on YouTube”) and it will optionally download every new item appearing on that channel. Mine is downloading every new TED talk, a daily yoga lesson, KQED popular science stuff in high definition, NOVA, etcetera and I am having a ball.

Warning: expect wanting to buy a bigger hard disk.