Remember the (rightful) outrage when then Eastern German border guards shot people trying to cross the wall, flee the country? It still happens every day, including children. Status so far of this incident: 2 (or 3) killed, 9 or 10 children arrested, diplomatic silencing efforts.

A Tibetan monk who managed to reach Nepal was quoted in the paper as saying: “We started walking early through the Nangpa La Pass. Then the soldiers arrived. They started shooting and we ran; there were 15 children from eight to 10; only one escaped arrest.

“I just ran to save my life by praying to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I think the soldiers fired for 15 minutes.”

“They were shouting, but I did not hear them … I just heard gunshots passing my ears. I don’t remember how many people were shot.”

Another said: “When the Chinese started shooting, it was terrifying. We could only hear the gunfire and our friends screaming. We tried to take care of the seven-year-old girl with us.”

The nun who was killed, Kelsang Namtso, 17, was leading the children. A 13-year-old boy was also gunned down during 15 minutes of shooting witnessed by Western climbers, including two British policemen, 1,000 yards away at Cho Oyu camp.

Later three Chinese soldiersmarched the children through the camp – some 12 miles west of Mount Everest – as climbers and Sherpas looked on. None of the Westerners tried to help the Tibetans.

Hey but we need Beijing to control North Korea right? Well in my opinion this is sickening.

P.S: I regularly chat with a Chinese student in Beijing. Very nice person. I will try to blog in a while over the difference that a lot of people are unable to make between disliking a country (read: administration) or it’s people. I sense a lot of US citizens, with a little help from their administration, seem to be in the “they hate us” mode, whoever “they” might be.

Update: Interestingly, public radio here was broadcasting this news today. No way this can be silenced I guess. And there is more. They interviewed a Romanian ProTV camera man who filmed the whole massacre through a tent-window. According to him, not 2 but 8 people were slaughtered and 2 wounded, out of a group of almost 60. The bodies were left on the mountain, but the Chinese police came back next day and buried them in the glacier. He said “he never let the Chinese know he was filming to avoid being buried as another dead tibetan. Later, he found out one of the group had managed to flee and hide in the camp’s toilet and he interviewed him. According to him, the group was enroute to the Daya Lama, their spiritual leader, their “pope”, as he called him.

Now what is interesting in my opinion is this. Assuming the cameraman is bona fide and his filmed report will show on Romanian television soon, it will of course show up on YouTube in no time. But given google’s giving in to the Chinese regime’s request to ban i.e. all posts about Falun Gong (sp) AND their acquisition of YouTube, how much will really be shown? And will it be shown in China?

Update: Boing Boing picked it up, including a link to the Romanian video, which as been posted on the stations website. Still growing.

Update: Found and added the YouTube link. Not nice I must warn you. ProTV’s own link doesntseem to work anymore.