Our justice department had a special “terrorist” ward build in the prison in Vught, which by itself is the highest security prison in our country (think in terms of internal visitation after they had a guest). The justice department did so to avoid jailed extremists to find new indoctrination victims. Then, afterwards, they asked the specialists, “the council for criminal law execution” for advice about it. The council concluded that:

It is not imaginary that detention in this special ward actually stimulates further radicalization. Furthermore, being detained there might raise the prisoners status because it draws more public attention and them being acknowledged as terrorist is highlighted. It is not clear how the new regime adds to the stated goals: reduction of radicalization during detention.

I am happy there are some sensible people left. Too bad they were consulted after the ward was build and some nut-cases (I won’t call their names here, I would again raise the fucking criminals status again) detained there. But to say I am really surprised by that late move? Nah.

disclaimer: The quote is my sloppy translation, based on a newspaper article.