Well, well… the voters have spoken. It seems that most of us want a cleaner more honest form of government; at least as far as our elected representatives are concerned. But the Anchorage Daily News, despite frequent editorials that decry unethical behavior by elected officials, has once again waited until the last minute to report on an important local story. To my way of thinking this puts ADN in the same barrel with the scumbags who’ve taken bribes and lied to us in the past because it precludes our involvement in our government. I think that ADN’s delay is intentional and planned. Like so many other stories that ADN has reported on short notice or after the fact, the story, if acted on by the citizens of Anchorage, might have a real impact and disrupt what has already been planned. Well at least ADN reported this story before the fact (albeit only 2-”working days” before) rather than reporting the story 2 days after the deal is sealed as ADN has often done in the past.

This time it’s a possible land deal between “big deal” land developer Marc Marlow – and The Municipality of Anchorage (link to PDF of proposed Ordinance No. AO 2006-178). I get my news from the same places that everyone else does, so I was more than a bit surprised when the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) reported on Saturday, January 6, 2007 on page 1 (above the fold) a “POSH look planned for bluff housing;” the very first I’ve heard of it (and I even did a news search with Lexis). It seems that the City plans to sell developer Mark Marlow the 12.5 acres on Government Hill formerly known as “Hollywood Vista” apartments for, according to ADN $3.5 million. Sweet! In return, again according to ADN, Marlow will dedicate 10% of the 90 units he is reportedly planning on building (that’s 9 units folks) as affordable. N.B: for Marlow and The City ADN says $200,000 (almost 1/4 of a million dollars) is affordable.

This is just so much HORSE SHIT; again. Anchorage is in desperate need of affordable housing – but now the city is selling off a big chunk of prime city property to an already rich developer to build more luxury units?????? Did I miss something? Are all those unsold condos in the classified section a figment of my imagination? Is the crime rate in Anchorage also part of my imaginary landscape? Perhaps I’ve been misled to think there is a relationship between the real cost-of-living and crime;a curse on all those eggheads who’ve lead me astray. So I guess it’s business-as-usual here in Anchorage; screw me, screw you, screw any body who’s not a “mover and a shaker” in Anchorage (can you spell ELITES – perhaps read Robert Dahl if you need a definition of elite). Yet again we are going to get fleeced, and The City will tell us it’s for our own good. I can’t wait.

Please consider testifying this Tuesday at the Assembly Meeting and request that The City wait until the residents of Anchorage have had time to study the details of this land deal. ADN reported last Saturday that public testimony will be taken at this Tuesday’s Assembly meeting. At a minimum we should request (demand ??) that the City and Mark Marlow make the “relevant particulars” of their plans public – VERY PUBLIC so that we can study the details before we advise our elected representatives and thereby The Anchorage Assembly how we think our land should be used.