February 20th, 2007

The Saudi’s

So. The Saudi’s, the worlds largest oil producers, are our friends, right? They pump us our oil, right? They kinda sorta share our value’s, right? RIGHT?

RIYAD – Saudi-Arabia publicly displayed the bodies of four decapitated Sri-Lankans. After the execution the bodies were tied to wooden bars on a square in a busy part of the capital. The “crucifiction” was meant to counter a wave of criminality by foreigners, according to local media. The convicted were violent gang members, but hadn’t killed anyone. (…) Human rights watchers accuse the kingdom of draconic and random punishment. Executioners decapitate muderers, rapists and drugs traficers in public with a sword.

Where the fuck is CNN??

Furthermore, the western-loyal, extremely loaded, royal family is violently holding the lid on a growing unrest, which is understandably spiced with let’s call it faith issues. Mark my words: they will be our friends for a while, until, suddenly, the gunpowder goes kaboom, and they are not our friends anymore. Hmmmmm, does that sound like Teheran (Iran), but then beefed up??

Added May 16th: by now, the Saudi’s have executed 77 people (by sword), against 37 in all 2006.

February 20th, 2007

The end of the incandescent lamp

Australia is planning on banning the incandescent lamp by 2010. Although the Australians are not known as being very energy efficient (they did not sign the Kyoto protocol, and they use more energy per capita as the Americans), and as this can be seen as easy green windowdressing, I say: good on them. It’s a start.

I have replaced almost all bulbs in my house with CFL ones.

added: with the new legislation, the incandescent lamp will die off slowly here too.

February 20th, 2007

The world press photo

I am pretty sure almost everybody has seen this picture, that won the World Press Photo

World Press Photo 2006

The general desription of the picture was something along the lines of “wealthy, bored libanese teenagers war-touristing the just bombed area, while SMS-ing and cruising in their hot shot cabrio”.

Today, a newspaper here published an interview with the group.

(…) However, the depicted, Jad (22), Bissan (29), Tamara Maroun, Liliane Nacouzi (22) en Noor Nasser (21) didn’t feel ‘fabulous’ at all that day. They gathered in the appartment of Bissan’s fiancee Wissam Awad in the Christian neighbourhoo. Tamara, the blonde, is the only one not there. Lana El Khalil (25) however is, the owner of the red sportscar, well, actually an orange Mini Cooper. They like the world to know a few things about the World Press Photo.

“See the sticker on the dashboard?”, while she points at the picture. “That is a Samidoun sticker, a volonteer organisation that was formed during the war to help victims”. (…) “After the first boms had fallen, we immediately started to provide help. I opened my appartment in Hamra to refugees from the south, and went back to live with my parents”. The first couple of days he drove in the dahiye to pick up the homeless and drive them to the shelters. Later he brought goods to the peaople who had stayed in the daiye. He drove the Mini Cooper that was about to become a symbol of the lack of compassion of beautiful, young people from Lebannon.

The others are all from the southern outskirts of Beirut. Four from the dahiye, one from the next area, Shiya. Noor is only muslim, the others are Christians. Haret Hreik, at the center of the dahiye, was originally a Christian neighbourhood.

Well well, too easy to assume I guess.

Usual disclaimer: my translation.