May 4th, 2007

The 4th of May

May 4th is a day we commemorate the fallen in WW2. The people who died for our freedom.On 7:58 PM the country basically comes to a halt and everbody is silent for two minutes, reflecting on the value of freedom and democracy, and the ultimate offer many gave to those values. Flags are strung halfway.

On May 10th 1944 1940 the German army invaded this country, assuring everybody though that nobody had to fear anything. Of course unless you were a Jew, Gay or Gipsy. 5 years later, 6 million were systematically murdered. On May 5th 1945 we were liberated. Therefor, tomorrow is a day of celebration.

Note: typo on the year. 1940 of course, not 1944. Thanks Jondo .

May 4th, 2007

The shame of Ireland

Catholic Ireland has a near total ban on abortions. The only exception is life a threatening issue on the mother. Thousands of women travel to the UK to have an abortion for this reason.

A 17 year old pregnant young woman is refused an abortion. The fetusĀ  has a rare disease, resulting in the halt of growth of brain tissue. It will die immediately after it’s born. She has been invited to the highest court to be heard, but also received an order not leave the country. Her lawyer advised her to igmore the order.

This is so wrong.