Today, “Peace mom” Sandy Sheehan, mother of a soldier killed in Iraq, who got famous by fiercely camping at the entrance of George Bush’s ranch, was in Amsterdam today, to speak to the crowds of a very broad anti-G8 top demonstration, called “The top from under”. With our boys long gone, but an absolute refusal by our government to investigate the decision to support the war, she claimed “Anyone refusing military support, but still giving political support, bears the same responsibility for the crimes committed”. Sheehan turned out to be gifted speaker. The only serious mistake she made was when she said “Bush, Blair and Balkenende [our prime minister] should rot in hell”. That doesn’t go very well here.

On a related subject. With Blair with one foot out of Downing Street 10, his successor Gordon Brown is expected to announce withdrawal of British troops from Iraq soon. Lesson #1: if you loose the people, you loose the war. The Brits really tried in Basra, but of course it all went wrong. Time to face the hard truth my friends, the war is lost.

Added May 29th: Sheena resigned, probably totally disappointed by the Democrat leadership’s folding to the funding bill. As I understand, the patch of land she bought to circumvent the local authorities ban on camping, of course only instated to “think her away” from the ranch’s entry and to be used to build a rehab center for veterans, is up for sale. Sad.