This country is an “importer” of children. Often done for social-moral reasons, babies that cannot be raised by their natural parents are adopted by families, sometimes because they cannot give birth to their own, sometimes in addition to an existing family. Due to the vigorous one child policy in China, at this moment, the almost only “source” are Chinese girls, as those are more often abandoned. This topic is not about that policy, but it is obvious a disaster is growing in China with uncared for (or killed) daughters, and later the shortage of partners for young men.

A serious scandal is brewing here. A child that was legally adopted from India about 5 years ago turned out to have been kidnapped by a gang, sold to a children’s home and then offered for adoption. The parents here raised the kid of course as if it was their own. The biological mother, who only recently found out the kid is still alive, wants it returned, and the Indian government is supporting that claim. To add insult to injury there are strong indications that the (privately owned) adoption agency was informed about the matter 2 years ago but decided not to act.

There is no solution of course. But it’s about time these agencies are monitored. The Indian government should tone down too, cause the actual crime was committed there. Devastating story.