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Do you own a vibrator and you are not content with it? Maybe because it is bad, broken, wrong or old? Exchange it! On SUnday November 25th Mail & Female presents an exclusive Vibrator Exchange program. On this day, you can exchange your old vibrator for a high quality one. Free!


Why this campaign?

The vibrator is a ‘hot item’, everybody talks about it and more and more women have one. But….. what to look for when buying such a nice toy? There is so much on the market, but not all vibrators have the same quality. There is a lot of cheap crap that feels awful, contains toxics and (more importantly) is ineffective.

The consumer is not very knowledgeable in this area. Mail & female would like to inform vibrator loving usersĀ  about quality, or the lack of quality in vibrator-land. Mail & Female believes any woman should be good to herself and deserves a good, nice vibrator.


Disclaimer: My translation.