February 16th, 2008

The floating houses

As climate changes, ice caps and glaciers melt, therefor the sea level rises and the rivers become more unpredictable and less stable, for this little flat country, which lies for almost 20% below sea level, well, things are not looking good. Well unless you go with the flow…..

Floating houses

(…) But instead of cursing their fate, architects are designing a new Holland that will float on water, and the Dutch government seems willing to try out the scheme. Holland has made other countries begin to question, too. Who says you have to live on dry land?

With the exception of the major highways, it feels like you can’t drive more than a mile or so in the Netherlands without running into water. It could be the sea; it could be a river; it could be a canal.

(…) The house hasn’t floated yet, but the prediction is that with global warming, the river will flood about once every 12 years. This ability to cope with floodwater rather than be devastated is why Smits moved here.

“In the other village we have lived, there was always the water. I was very scared,” Smits says. “Two times, we have evacuated to leave our old house. This was very scary for us. And we got the opportunity to buy this house. It’s a safe place.”

February 16th, 2008

The ape

While waiting for that PBS show to download, National Geographic presented me with this amazing 1 minute clip.

 So you think you are smarter than a chimp

Too funny!

February 16th, 2008

The data on passengers (again)

Added: I am reposting this item. The reason is to state that already in Washington-Dulles, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago O’Hare, Houston, San Francisco, Orlando and Miami airports foreign passengers are required to “hand over” not only the fingerprints of their index fingers but all ten. The procedure will start on Detroit and New York JFK shortly. Right, 10 fingers is only for identification purposes eh?

The US is trying to enter into bi-lateral agreements with east-European states to get even more data than negotiated for the EU. Brussels is not amused.

Speaking of…. The toy boys now want to have fingerprints of foreigners coming into Europe too: we want the same goodies as the US. (shaking my head).