On TED, there was this rather funny video of British scientist Jonathan Drori, asking smart people the following 6 questions, 4 of which were answered and 2 were left as homework. He states that most educated people have them wrong! Actually, he states that most children understand gravity better befor than after school. I pose the questions here to you, just for the fun of it. I will post the answer in the comments, so you have to click to view them.

  1. A seed weights almost nothing. A tree weights a lot. Where does the mass come from?
  2. Can you light a bulb with a battery, a bulb and a single strand of wire?
  3. Why is warm in summer and cold in winter?
  4. Can you draw a simple model of a solar system?

And the homework questions are (beware of the tails!):

  1. Explain why a plane flies (and take into account why planes can fly upside down).
  2. Explain why the sea is blue (even on cloudy days).