Ok ok, most of our readers probably couldn’t care less, but I am a techy and when I see a good thing, I like to share it.

Ever wanted to share your desktop with somebody else, possibly on the other side of the world? Maybe to talk her through a presentation, maybe to receive or give him remote support? There are various tools to do that, most of them having serious drawbacks such as lacking responsiveness over long distances, platform specific, user friendliness, badly crippled free versions, privacy concerns, security concerns, requirement to install something or even the requirement to tweak the local router. It’s a fine line and no solution can, by definition, resolve all issues mentioned.

Doing some remote support here and there the most important thing is ease of use, especially for the sharer (the viewer is usually better off). The best free (as in in free beer) solution I have found so far, striking a truly fair balance between all issues mentioned above is Mikogo. It is free, requires no tweaking, has a clear and understandable feature set, does both view desktop as well as full control by the viewer. I love it.

There are two versions. One is just the viewer, and it is a single exe you run when hitting “Join Meeting”. No installs, no nothing. Just run it and enter the meeting code the sharer gave, that’s it. The other one is the sharer, that also includes the viewer (‘Download’). And yes, that one requires an install. just set it to not autostart; me no likey autostarts. Give it a go. The day you need it, you’ll be a happy person.