Sometimes, when I chat or email with people from the US, especially in the pre-Obama era, there was a sort of almost un-American attitude seeping though like “you know, we are not ALL the bunch of idiots you hear from, please know there are people with actual brains”, of course referring to GOP politics, international isolationism and the ongoing wars. I always found that rather amusing as of course the public actions of politicians and government has not that much to do with the average person.

What I didn’t really expect is that now have to do the same to you. Anti-Islam idiot Wilders, was invited by conservative “activist” David Horowitz at Philadelphia University. Luckily, in the US it is more commonplace than here to be able to extreme views, with the interesting effect nobody seems to be getting really upset and the issuer can blow off steam. Anyway……

PHILADELPHIA – Geert Wilders is Tuesday at Temple University in Philadelphia received the American city by demonstrators. They carried banners with texts like “Zionism is Terrorism” and “shame, Temple” , local media reported.

Wilders was invited by the conservative activist David Horowitz to Philadelphia. He showed his film Fitna and held a half hours of speech.  At the end of his speech the politician was unable to  answer questions from audience because oof the loud boo-ing. The public was divided on Wilders word: boo-ing an cheering.

The university was strictly secured. Students had previously opposed the arrival of Wilders, but the university said more importance to freedom of expression than the views of the student.

I am sorry. Really, we are not ALL like this idiot you hear from, please know there are people with actual brains.икони