Here are the latest numbers for my country (Oct 23 / Oct 30 / Nov 6 / Nov 13th / Nov 20th / Nov 27th / Dec 4th)

  • Inhabitants: 17 mln
  • Total number of people admitted to hospital because of H1N1: 205 / 335 / 611 / 909 / 1270 / 1587 / 1969
  • Total deceased: 6 / 10 / 17 / 22 / 28 / 36 / 42
  • Of those 205 / 335 / 611 / 909 / 1270 / 1587 / 1969, people with other serious diseases: 61 / 195 / 382 / 605 / 828 / 1162
  • People with other serious diseases deceased: 5 / 8 / 14 / 17 / 23 / 31 / 36

Peaking now (Oct 30) is age group 0-4 years old, which is normal for any flu.

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Update Dec 6th: This will be my last update. If a totally different pattern emerges, I’ll start a new post.

Update Nov 27: Got my second shot the day before yesterday. As you can see the numbers per week are going down now, with the exception of the deceased: all though now have a serious other condition, so the H1N1 is (excuse my wording) tipping them over the edge. On the same note: My country bought 34 million shots, enough to have every citizen vaccinated twice. It has been decided now to sell 19 million shots to countries with shortages. It’s over.

Well, kinda sorta. It is over in most of Europe and Northern America according to the WHO, but the there was a steep increase in the death toll worldwide.

Update Nov 23rd: Sorry for the delayed update. See numbers abobe. Nothing to add really.

Update Nov 13th: Incidents are stabilizing and this is still considered a mild flu epidemic. Note that H1N1 vaccination started a week ago, and should not have influenced these numbers yet. Given immunity buildup will start next week, I unscientifically predict the top of the curve will be next week. This week is breaking the “doubling per week” trend already.

Update Nov 9th: Based on advice given by the relevant medical committee (“gezondheidsraad”), the administration decided to also start vaccinating age group 6 months – 4 years old. Furthermore all staff in medical profession is strongly advised to be vaccinated as well. Other than that, it’s the normal target group: 60+, diabetes-, heart- and lung patients, people with reduced immunity systems.

Update Nov 7th: I found this interesting statistic: In my country (see numbers above), average yearly fatalities on influenza, in almost all cases caused by either a lung infection or cardiac arrest, is a whopping 800, mind you with a regular vaccination regime. Given the fatalities so far and and the prediction that H1N1 will peak here in about 2 weeks, and that all numbers are doubling each week, I dare to unscientifically predict the total number of fatalities will be on the lower end of the 100-150 range.

Update Nov 3rd: Things are moving fast now. There is no seasonal influenza here (yet), but 9  out of patients visiting a doctor with flu like symptoms do have H1N1. Seasonal flu shots were to start start this week, with H1N1 2 later and a secondary again 2 weeks later. Today I found a letter from the health center that plans have changed. THIS week I will get my H1N1 shot one one more 3 weeks later. Seasonal flu shot is pushed back to early December.