December 18th, 2009

The bullfighting

While in Spain it is always claimed that bullfighting is an form of culture and art, I am sure most sane people would dare to argue otherwise and see it as totally unneeded cruelty against animals. Is there light at the end of this long tunnel? Maybe. Spanish region Catalonia voted with a small majority to pick up a citizens initiative to create a law that would forbid bullfighting. Mind you, 180.000 signatures were collected! So no law, but a process started to make a law. In 1991 bullfighting was already banned on the Canary Islands, another Spanish region.

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December 1st, 2009

It’s time for a military draft

If President Obama, who I voted for because I thought he was progressive, sends 30,000 troops into Afghanistan it’s time to institute compulsory military service in the United States. Our military has depended on “Stop Loss,” the ultimate Catch-22, to keep volunteers in the military seemingly for ever. I think that doctors, lawyers and bankers should be forced to have their sons and daughters placed in harms way. The Stop Loss policies first embraced by President George Bush the lesser and currently embraced by Barack Obama guarantee that so many military volunteers have no way of knowing when they have fulfilled their contract with The State. For the most part the folks that are fighting the battles resulting from the lip service paid to National Security by a rarefied group of elites that love to wave
“our flag,” come from the poor sectors of our society. Interestingly most of those elites huffing and puffing the loudest have never had to carry arms in battle. It’s time to spread the risk among all – rich and poor alike.