March 17th, 2010

The future of publishing


(yup, I did almost buy an e-reader, but not just yet)

March 8th, 2010

The heroes of the economy. Oh yeah, and cool vids

As a little tribute to the heroes *) that grease the economy, here a pretty cool video for the aviation buffs out here. This guy has some more cool stuff, and I like how he seems to be able to tie-rap a helmet-cam to the nose gear of a 747-200 without “issues” and extend it a bit early for the fun of the recording. Oh the charms of Africa.

Thanks user “Euclid” on

*) Think of it when you see that well uniformed passenger 4-stripe. When he messes up time wise, oh well, a couple of hundred of people get annoyed. When the freight pilot does, probably somewhere a couple of million dollars is lost somewhere in a factory, waiting for that one part to arrive.