June 21st, 2010

The elections

This month, there were elections here and in Belgium, with, erm, interesting results.

Lets start with our neighbors. For the last 10 years or so, ultra right has been gaining ground in Flanders (the Dutch speaking part of Belgium), but they were constantly denied access to government by the other parties sticking together, and because they were constantly being forbidden by law for hate-mongering, forcing them to change themselves over and over, but not being stopped. This group was very nationalistic, anti-French, anti-foreigners, anti-Islam. That all changed last week. A new party rose from nothing to the biggest in no time, led by a very talented politician. They have the same right-wing, nationalistic agenda, but NOT the nasty racism. The racists have been swept away. Still, a move-to-the-right.

In my country xenophobic anti-Islam party PVV more than doubled two weeks ago, to about one sixth of the electorate. To give you an idea, it’s leader claimed that “the current economic climate was an important issue too, but upcoming Islam was a problem 100 times harder to solve”. So, another jerk to the right. Last week, it was clear no administration could be formed *) with a coalition with these extremists in it. Sounds a bit familiar (see above)?

On a side note: The presenter of a business TV program opinionated that three influential politicians were steering towards a left wing administration, and that lo and behold, since all three were Jewish, it must be a Jewish Kongsi. Jeez.

It is an outrage, a shame and a disgrace to my country, that was considered maybe only 15 years ago one of the most open, tolerant and broad minded society in the world. That in itself might have brough us more than we bargained for, but this is getting scary. It’s a shame Canada is so boring. ;)

*) Please note that many European countries have a multi-party system and almost never does a single or even just two parties have enough muscle power in parliament to form a stable administration.

June 12th, 2010

Tag cloud for Lisa Murkowski

How about: corporate whore, corporate prostitute, BP shill (or is it now British Petroleum shill?), colonial crony, corpracrat, petroleum princess, petroleum queen, or perhaps just SELL OUT?

I think Lisa Murkowski’s record is obvious – she’s not working for Alaskans and our Nation, she’s work’n for BP.