September 22nd, 2010

The threat

Oh dear, after all the hoopla about the Pope being targeted in, of all places, the camera-happy UK, all the six arrested suspects, Algerian street cleaners, have been released, without charge. Whew, we got our needed fear-for-islam-dose, didn’t we?

Added (same day): Oh, and today, a Somali man was dragged of a departing plane at Amsterdam airport, suspect of being a terrorist coordinator. This was done after a tip-off by (rolling drum) …….. the UK police force “Authorities”. It if weren’t so sad, I would be laughing my butt off. Jeez.

Added 09/19: Yep. The Somali man was released without charge.

September 11th, 2010

The end of bloglines

I am not trying to make this a tech blog. Anyway…

My faithful RSS reader companion Bloglines announced today they are closing shop. Or to be more precise, that acquired bloglines a couple of years ago is pulling the plug, stating applications like Facebook are really taking that space and RSS is becoming more an underlying infrastructure for such applications. Sigh. I liked so much I really put up with the crappy certificate errors their servers generated.

I think ones RSS feeds are rather “telling”, so very reluctantly I put them in my google basket (I think google “knows” way too much already). My quick research showed that web bases, bloglines and google are (were) the only players worth looking at. Maybe I should decide to switch to a client based reader. So, my friends, any advice? Google reader? Application? If the latter, what is recommended? For the latter, it should run on Ubuntu and should be installable through the software center; I regard that as a minimum quality seal.