November 30th, 2010

The book crossing

After the pleasure of having a (freed, as in not bound to say Amazon, can you say Kindle?) eReader, and enjoying heaps of legaly free books (free, as in free speach AND free beer), I ran into this other “free books” initiative I really, really like.

ShareIt is called Bookcrossing and it works like this. You have book. A real paper book. You like it, and you like to share it. Of course you can give it to a friend, but why not give it to the world? Go to the website, register the book, print a sticker with the following short explanation and a unique ID and leave it somewhere. Where? Anywhere! On the reading table of the dentists waiting room. In the hotel lobby. On a sunny day in the park. Free your book.

I’ve registered this book at so I can track its journey through the world. Please go to and enter this BCID: 123-456789 to let me know you found it. Then read it and/or pass it on for someone else to enjoy. Thank you!

And if you happen to stumble on a freed book, capture it, read it, register it and set it free again. Neat huh?

November 25th, 2010


Ask the folks on the Pine Ridge Reservation about Thanksgiving. I’ll bet their answers won’t be as “upbeat” as the messages I’m being bombarded with from the corporate press.

“Holiday meals served and delivered to reservation residents”

“Native American tribes have little to be thankful for”

November 3rd, 2010

Alaska says NO to Joe Miller, Fundamentalist Christians and teabaggers

кухненско обзавежданеMake no mistake. As I write this, official returns in Alaska indicate that 64% of the voters in yesterdays election have rejected Joe Miller (Scott McAdams has 24% and “write in” has 40%); not much left over for Joe Miller (Miller has 35%) . Miller has been trounced and the citizens of Alaska in this election have made it clear that they don’t want Joe Miller. Since Miller was Sarah Pallin’s select far right fundamentalist “party boy” the voters of Alaska, I think, just made it clear what they think about Sarah and her attempts to inject fundamentalist Christian views into our pubic discourse. Still, I’m left scratching my head when I review the reporting of the “national press” and their refusal to describe the religious views of the majority of the Republican candidates from the “Tea Party” wing of the Republican party.

November 2nd, 2010

Something is wrong

Anchorage just saw its first snowfall of the year (slushy and wet); 3 weeks behind schedule. I just watched a flock of 75 or more geese fly overhead – 2 weeks after the geese should be gone and headed off to other climes (to their credit the geese were headed due south). Good luck to us all.