I don’t think there is much to add to the unfolding Wikileaks saga. But this you might find this somewhat noteworthy: two public broadcast networks here (think a bit your PBS, although things are much more diversified here) have hosted a mirror site of Wikileaks now. This to the chagrin of my new, fresh, “let’s get to work” right winged administration, working with a parlimentary minority and a few ultry right wing opportunistic supporters.

I must say I was kinda flabbergasted by the almost lascivious suggestions made by both Australian and American representatives to actually execute mr. Assange. Hello??

In the meantime, here, parliament insist on having toilets on ALL trains, and cancelling the mandatory clubcard for people who want to view a soccer match, all while the economy is grinding. Oh, well, they WILL debate on Assange, see if freedom of press is being violated and to try to put pressure on Sweden to not let him be send to the US. If it wasn’t sad, it would be really, really funny.

Silly tidbit: A Danish newspaper started a Wikileaks mirror, and decided to host it on Amazon’s cloud servers, you know, the Amazon where Wikeleaks themselves have been thrown off two weeks ago. The newspaper simply stated it was the simplest option to use but added “it would make in interesting story if they were kicked out too”. Hee!