While “liberal blogs” in Alaska praise our Senator Begich for standing with Bernie Sanders when Sanders filibustered last Friday and “spoke truth to power,” the reality is elsewhere. The truth is that Sen. Begich “caved” and voted with our other Senator, Lisa Murkowski (maybe), to continue George Bush Jr. tax cuts. The “on the ground” ramifications of their votes will be:

1) an increase to our nation’s deficit (you gotta pay to play)

2) a reduction in taxes for the very rich

3) increased taxes for tax payers working for minimum wage.

4) Folks making 5 million dollars or less will be able to give all of their wealth to their appointed heirs without paying a nickle in taxes (Roosevelt must be spinning in his grave).

5. Folks who make money by investing will continue to pay about 15% less on their income than folks who work.

6. Because of cuts to Social Security withholding – Murkowski (did I spell that right?) and Begich both voted for a real plan to put S.S. in the red.

Am I missing something here?

PS: How odd it is that for the past 2 years the Republicans were obstructionists. For Obama’s “tax cuts for the rich” compromise package (aka extending Bush era tax cuts) the Republicans and the Democrats were on the same page – the only filibuster came from a socialist. HEHE.