Friday, xmas eve. 12 Somalians are arrested and taken into custody “to prevent a terrorist attack that was to be executed on short notice”.

Somehow it didn’t feel right. The squad first busted into the hotel where these 12…… were not, but hey, we’re only human, and we cannot do all the checks perfect. Also, their laywer stated his clients were very “surprised” about being arrested. Not really the language you’d expect.

Today, 48 hours later, 5 have been released already. No weapons, no explosives were found. Somehow it sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Update 72 hours: another one freed without charge.

Update 96 hours: 4 more have been released, so only one now in custody. The one is still suspect, as are two of the released ones, which usually means they are suspect of a relatively minor offence. Some defence by the police is already piling up, usually along the lines of “when the intelligence service issues a message, one acts and doesn’t investigate”. Nice try, especially as the material from the intelligence service can NOT be used in court.

Update 120 hours: Not all is out in the open, but it seems a classic case of “I will tip off the cops you are a terrorist if you don’t xyz”. Case is not closed, but it is here. Who’s the laughing stock?

Update 144 hours: Oh erm, well, no. The last one has been released.