While I am very happy with my Ubuntu switch, some things do s*ck, some just being the standard installation, some being, rather, well, s*cking in itself, the latter probably to be divided into hard code and “yeah, but you don’t understand how it works buddy”. Fair enough. Anyway, let me give you a solution to a common issue, and ask for the solution of another one.


Sound work pretty ok out of the box. Trouble starts when you want to route some application to card one, and and others to card two. In my case: Skype needs to use the usb Everyman headset, while music still plays over the regular analog outputs. It is next to impossible to do this in the standard setup (note that in Windows, Skype is able to tell the audio system to do this). PulseAudio, the underlying sound system in Ubuntu is very well designed and can do the most insane type of audio routing, including routing to/from devices on another computer, but it is very “techy” to control. Solution: go to Ubuntu’s software center and install “PulseAudio Volume Control”. It solves above problem in a very user-friendly way.


This one I haven’t cracked yet. I do need a Dutch locale for several reasons, however, the official Dutch decimal separator is a comma. That is a huge pain for several reasons (numerical keyboards, imports of most programs screwing up, etc). Now in Ubuntu you cannot modify the individual settings of a locale, you just select one and that is it. The system is rather strickt in that (not a bad thing in itself). I do want this non-official locale though! Anyone a good clue on how to do this without truly screwing up the official locales?