In Europe, the how should I put it, “general opinion” is more or less that the American society is more cruel, more violent, than us sophisticated lot (uh huh, please DO read the sarcasm). Still, a major difference exists which I have touched here long ago and that is the availability of firearms. Where in the US, you are allowed, no obliged almost, to protect your family and property, in most of Europe violence is a “state monopoly”. The implications have many gray areas which is really out of the scope of this entry.

More interesting though is that the “more cruel, more violent” notion seems to slowly permeate in the US. An American analysis.

The recent murderous acts of violence committed by Jared Lee Loughner in Arizona cannot be reduced to the mental instability of young man out of touch with reality. Nor can such a horrendous act be reduced to a breakdown in civil discourse. Such rationales are too easy, and emulate what Frank Rich has called “classic American denial.” (…)

I want to suggest that underlying the Arizona shootings is a culture of cruelty that has become so widespread in American society that the violence it produces is largely taken for granted, often dismissed in terms that cut it off from any larger systemic forces at work in the society.

I am not entirely sure yet I buy into this analysis. The comments are interesting too (ignoring the extreme guns-freedom blah). Especially imho when they DO refer to Europe.

Think the overall message of the article is clear and sound, referring to the American culture is a bit too simplistic as here in Europe we see without the easy access to arms identical trends. Governments are not doing their jobs, instead going for the easy way and running from one media hype to the next with a magnifier allowing fear to take over from common sense. Please lets stick together, use our brains and respect each species as only then we have a change to survive a couple of more generations on this planet.

The last sentence a bit dramatic but I didn’t want to censor and I am always in favor of using our brains. What do you think?