For the last few years, I have been a very enthusiastic Blackberry user. Instant email and the strong end-to-end encryption of peer services, together with the rather brilliant keyboard, made it always my device of choice. RIM, had been falling behind horribly on the software quality of all other functions. The browser has been a piece of crap, the touch devices were so-so, and they seem to have trouble making choices. Yes they make a pad (yawn), but it only works in combination with a phone. Yes they have touch, but also a slide out keyboard. Still. I like my curve. The final straw that is breaking the camels back is NOT the frustrating 3 days outage this month, even if it didn’t help. What is is RIM now choosing Microsoft for it’s cloud services. So. I will “sit out” my contract, and then it will be goodbye and so long, my faithful little blackberry; you have served me well and thank you for that. I will switch to Android in a couple of months.