For starters here’s an interesting news item. I can’t help but wonder who paid the tab for doing the engineering/research [sic]. What Yoshihiro Kawaoka did is not science, it’s technology. But of course most folks don’t know the difference. Here’s the story sent to me by a friend:

A University of Wisconsin-Madison scientist who is an expert on the avian flu virus is under scrutiny because of concerns his new research may fall into the wrong hands.

The scientist is Yoshihiro Kawaoka, an eminent professor of virology in the School of Veterinary Medicine who has done research on H5N1, also known as the avian bird flu. His work and similar research independently done by a Dutch scientist have raised concerns in science journals and on an NBC News report that aired Thursday night that touched on such controversial issues as bio-terrorism and scientific freedom.

Kawaoka has created a contagion virus in his lab, a UW official confirmed. But the official said he couldn’t discuss the nature of the virus because it would compromise the publication of Kawaoka’s research. [emphasis mine]

While the article posits that Kawaoka’s work could fall into the wrong hands, the reality is that what Kawaoka created has probably been “absorbed” by DOD and its corporate allies. How would you like to die?