Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of people are suffering badly because of the current credit crunch, created by insane money-inflaters. Still, Dutch ASML had the best year ever in it’s history. Who is ASML you say? They are the #1 supplier (together with Nikon if I’m not mistaken) to the chip producing industy. Think dozens of ASML machines (called wafer steppers) humming away in Intel’s, Toshiba’s, Samsung’s etc. factories.

And where are all those chippies going? <sarcasm>In the things we really cannot miss in our day to day struggle. Like erm, flat screen TV’s, iPad’s. Yeah we’re doing bad.</sarcasm>

I truly feel sorry for the people who find themselves stuck at the wrong end of the current issues. And for those who truly think they cannot do without the iStuff.