I have an old Apple PPC G4 that I use for browsing and reading email. All of the software products offered by the Mozilla Foundation stopped supporting the Apple PPC platform in April 2012 – how odd, how convenient.

I can’t help but wonder what relationships the Mozilla Foundation has crafted with third parties like Apple and Google, for example. The browser sponsored by Mozilla, Firefox, provides data about users in great detail to any website that a user might visit and provides little, if any, protection to the user of the “open” products Mozilla offers. No doubt any corporate URLs accessed via Firefox, those that “want” every tidbit of information about Firefox users they can get their hands on are happy when users of Firefox land on their sites. Firefox is “open source” in name only – their browser seems to be owned by the highest bidder. Hold what is important to you close – everybody wants what you have. Thinking back to that old SNL skit about landlords – can you say SCUMBAG?