December 23rd, 2012
December 18th, 2012

Gun Laws

Piers Morgan stated the number of gun related deaths in the US per DAY is the same as in the UK per year. The UK has amongst the stricktest gun laws in Europe. My newspaper did some fact checking.

  • US: 30 per day
  • UK: 54 per year

He was lying, but not awfully lying.

How then about per capita?

  • US: 3.3 per 100.000 per year
  • UK: 0.1 per 100.000 per year
  • My country: 0.3 per 100.000 per year

Is that US number the worst? Nope, Honduras and El Salvador are 10 times worse again.

Disclaimer: I am an anti-weapons guy.

December 10th, 2012

A Short history of nearly everything

I am reading this kinda sorta scientific book written by Bill Bryson. In my country it is published in a format not larger than a pack of cigarettes, on ultra-thin paper. 100o pages mind you. The quote starting part one, lost in the cosmos

And lastly, just consider our universe for a minute. Astronomer Geoffrey Marcy said, “They’re all on the same plane. They’re all going around in the same direction…It’s perfect you know. It’s gorgeous. It’s almost uncanny.