An era ago I was introduced to Eva Cassidy by Jim & Esther. Her singing was intensely beautiful and mesmerizing. Only later I found out she had died way, way too early, only 33, taken by aggressive melanoma. Fast forward to this morning. I hardly ever watch any TV, but on Sunday morning, I occasionally watch an interesting live music program called “Vrije Geluiden” (free sounds), broadcasted from the music theater in Amsterdam.

Today one of the guests was Dutch singer Margriet Sjoerdsma. She told us that she was taken by Eva’s sound and was later asked by author Johan Bakker to sing a few of Eva’s song on the presentation event of his book about Eva, which in turn inspired her to do a tribute CD. What was really touching and special was that Eva’s brother Dan was one of the band members, playing the violin. He was also interviewed.

Open this link please. If it complains about Silverlight, click left bottom on “Instellingen” (settings) and change to Flash. Unless you’re interested in Czech composer Janacek, skip to 17:10. The interview in Dutch starts at 21:40. Dan, a slow speaking kind fellow, joins in, in English of course, at 26:50.

Very, very touching. Dan gave Margriet Eva’s metronome as a present. What a gem.