piefy07.jpg. It seems that almost everybody in the U.S. is worried about how much they have to spend on taxes, but here in Alaska everybody seems to be worried about taxes. So this is a follow-on to yoh-there’s most recent post about military spending; a head’s up to let you know that almost 50% of what you pay in Federal Taxes goes to the military. The War Resistors League (WRL) has for many years offered an alternative “pie-chart” to the one that the Internal Revenue Service prints in that little tax booklet that we all get every year. For the past 15 or so years I’ve pasted a copy of the WRL pie chart on my office door for all to see. Even though I used to work for a so called “liberal” East Coast university the WRL pie chart was defaced or ripped off of my door many times. So the truth, or near truth must have punched more than a few buttons in the oh so liberal NYC. For what it’s worth the War Resistors League has always taken a fairly conservative approach in their analysis when compared to others, including those from economists far (almost wrote “fart” there instead of “far” – ooops) to the right of WRL. Have a look for yourself. An Adobe PDF version of the WRL Pie Chart is available in color here or in b&w here; so that you can post a copy on your own office door for all to see.