In my country, yesterday, today and tomorrow, parliament and the administration are in what is called “The General Debate” (in my language, the words for that are rather chique ;) ). Last week, the administration presented the budget for next year. As the PM tapped himself, oh oh, yes and you dear citizens of our lovely country, who suffered from our cutdown in social spending, sorry, the subject changed to the war in Iraq, which we supported; had our boys there for a while.

The opposition asked many times if the decision was right (“yes it was at that time”), and really gave him many oppotunities to state some lessons learned. He didn’t. Sounds like “stay the course” huh? So what IS the lesson of this war mr. PM? And then he made a mistake. “The lesson is that dictators know they have to respect UN resolutions”. Now THAT raised quite a few eyebrows.