A word of caution here. This is about “faith”. And I am hard core atheïst. If you don’t like that, do yourself a favor and simply don’t read on. Ok? Deal! We’re still friends!

On boingboing I ran into Richard Dawkins on the God Delusion. He makes a hard case against religion (any religion, just making sure). From the BBC book review:

When I interviewed for television the Reverend Michael Bray, a prominent American anti-abortion activist, I asked him why evangelical Christians were so obsessed with private sexual inclinations such as homosexuality, which didn’t interfere with anybody else’s life. His reply invoked something like self-defence. Innocent citizens are at risk of becoming collateral damage when God chooses to strike a town with a natural disaster because it houses sinners. In 2005, the fine city of New Orleans was catastrophically flooded in the aftermath of a hurricane, Katrina. The Reverend Pat Robertson, one of America’s best-known televangelists and a former presidential candidate, was reported as blaming the hurricane on a lesbian comedian who happened to live in New Orleans.* You’d think an omnipotent God would adopt a slightly more targeted approach to zapping sinners: a judicious heart attack, perhaps, rather than the wholesale destruction of an entire city just because it happened to be the domicile of one lesbian comedian.

It gets better and better:

Apparently [his] ethical philosophy places a higher value on [] embryos than on Iraqi or Lebanese men, women and children. Don’t misunderstand ‘embryos’, by the way. We are not talking miniature babies here. The ‘embryos’ used for stem cell research are no bigger than a pinhead, and completely lacking in sentience of any kind.

Mild introduction through an interview here on YouTube. My kind of guy. Maybe more intolerant, but he seems nice. And smart.

Update: A vastly interesting 20+ minutes lecture, which btw is not about God but about how our brains are (only) tuned to handle our, as he calls it, “middle sized world”.

Update april 28th 2007: Richard’s talk on TED.