When I was young, common knowledge was: get a right wing administration if the going gets tough and money needs to be preserved, vote left to spend the accumulated money. That notion is clearly down the drain. I find it more than interesting that in several parts of the world, people have consciously voted more leftish and leave it to that part of the spectrum to help clean up the mess. Now one could argue: “yeah right, clean up, by spending billions of taxpayers money, d’uhhh”, but I don’t think that is fair, especially as so much money is actually poored into banks and to some extend industries. I will leave the rant on spendings by bailed banks and car makers to others btw. This is now even happening in Iceland. The people of Iceland protested after the insane banking crisis on and on and on until the administration gave in. The new administration is left-leaning. Oh, and the new prime minister is a woman. Oh, and she’s homosexual. Both do not mean ANYTHING as far as suited for the job goes, but in my opinion it illustrates the above: people are ready for change and despite all the fear mongering, the world is slowly changing for the better. Slowly.