“Eat the Rich” was a popular phrase among some in the 1960s and the phrase was revived on t-shirts worn by anarchists in the 1980s. While it’s certainly a bastardization of the phrase I can’t help but think, “Eat the Republicans.” Don’t worry though, there’s no need to dive into the “red state mavens” with a knife and fork because the Republicans are eating themselves. After a decade of heavy handed tactics keeping their cadre “in line” the Republican Party is crumbling in front off us. Consider, for example, Alaska’s U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski’s stated opposition to The “new” Patriot Act. Lisa’s “claimed” opposition to The Patriot Act went south when it came down to a vote in The Senate; the corporate media told us that senior Republican whips put the screws on Lisa. Our own Sarah Pallin has parlayed her censure by Randy Ruedrich and members of the Alaska Republican Caucus into her current position as the front running canidate for Alaska Governor, handing former U.S. Senator and current Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski, also a Republican, his head on a plate when she devoured him in our most recent primary elections. Now too, the National Republican Party elite are eating their own (Hastert, Foley, et al.) in a sacrificial bloodfest with the hope that voters will allow them to continue feeding at the corporate trough.

I am unabashedly giddy watching the Republicans eat themselves; I have not had this much fun as a voyeur since Nixon resigned (was almost impeached). A Republican friend of mine has suggested that I should not be so gleeful because of the levels of government that this has affected – nonsense I told him, it couldn’t happen to a worse bunch of swine. After destroying our countries reputation in the world, severely damaging our ability to really protect ourselves from threats (both foriegn and domestic), and raiding our treasury to line their own pockets by throwing tenderloins to their corporate cronies, most certainly at our expense, I hope that Republican pols pick their own bones clean so that we don’t have to pounce on them with steely knives and forks to keep them from rising up from the dead to do even more damage to the people of the United States and the world.

P.S. predictions: It will be found out that Republican Rep. Foley did more than send suggestive erotic messages about penises to 16 year old pages; and that many members of The House and Senate (Republicans and Democrats) have known what Foley was doing for quite some time. The Press will not report that others in The Congress also legislated standards for us that they did not feel they needed to follow.