I’ve been lazy, and really happy and honored to have my new friends at The Regulator give me some breathing time regarding Ed Hale.  Ya remember Ed, the toothless hick from north Texas who killed 2 bigfoots, (bigfeet?), had the Whitey Tape, the Sun Times Ad, the Indonesian Passport, the Hawaiian Divorce papers, and 2 Cease and Desist orders?  That Ed Hale.

Anyway, Ed and his minions have been trying to redefine centuries old law in the USA. Citizenship is a major concern of theirs, and is kinda contrary to … well everyone else’s idea about it.

And have somehow come to the conclusion that only people of their “Ilk” look after other people.

Witness this forum entry from Ed’s site.

See…, they claim this Miami banker as a hero, one of them,  cause he gave up 60 million dollars to help the little  people. So he couldn’t in their mind be anyone but one of them.  They like charity, especially when they receive it (hit that paypal button). (actually, he helped his childhood friends, just as good on him)

Don ‘t  get me started on Government Cheese,  I won’t be able to get that song out of my mind for a month.

But they didn’t research their new hero.  Cause if they did, they would have found out that Leonard Abess Jr gave $37,300 to Democratic candidates last year.

Oh dear, you mean your hero gave money to Obama and the DNC?

He is a… Democrat? Oh fuck, dear me.

And it got worse on Tuesday night, Albess was an honored guest of Obama at his speech to a Joint Session of Congress.  And called out by President Obama, and on all the Television coverage and..

He is a … Deomcrat?

Dang, it suxxorz t o be a HaleTard and so stupid.

Gotta support the new Presidents call to get at least one year of higher education when ya see shit like this.