I voted for Obama – but when I heard he tried to exclude Rep. John Conyers from his recent “Health Care Summit” even though the White House invited several high profile health care industry lobbyists I thought – here we go again. Conyers, BTW, introduced HR 676, a bill that would implement “single payer” health care. Let me “be clear,” I predicted that Obama was a Clinton clone – and at least so far that seems to be the case (take a look at his cabinet). It’s time to really change things and I don’t see that happening. Obama is tossing out some crumbs while sucking up to the usual suspects. I don’t think Obama’s plan will work (too many things are missing) and when the money is gone we (the people) will be the ones that have been screwed. But the money may already be gone – the rich bastards that have 30% + of my retirement are now busy deciding how to spend my tax dollars. Flame out.

P.S. I’m sick and tired of Obama’s use of the phrase “Let me be clear.” He should think of something else to say.