Telegram style. Queens Day today (a sort of 4Th of July, carnevalesque day). About half an hour ago, just seconds after the royal family passed a crossing less than a mile from the palace they were heading, a car broke through at high speed, crashed into the crowd, injuring 14 17  people, of which 3 had to be (or still are) in CPR. It was live on TV. The black Suzuki Swift was already seriously damaged, as I assume because it had broken through a fence to even get there.

All festivities have been cancelled.

Yes, we do have looney’s too.

Update: Of the 14 17 injured, one two four five six seven eight perished, six four three in serious condition.

Update: video. photos. aerial pic. animation (1st video).

Update: The driver is a 38 year old Dutch man, one of the seriously wounded. It is indicated by the police that his acts were on purpose (so not ie a runaway car) but had no terrorist connection, and no recorded mental issues.

Update: The driver died last night, so the death toll is now six. As Citykid mentioned, the man lost his job and as he was unable to pay the rent, was to leave his house. There’s a lot of social safety nets in this society, which is one of the reasons my income tax rate is 53%, so I fail to see why he had to kill himself and take 5 completely unrelated bystanders (or any royalty) with him. But then again, it doesn’t make much sense to approach a situation like this with reason. The poor man blew a few fuses and did what he did.

Update: Another severly injured, a military policeman, died today (Friday)

Update: And yesterday, 8 days after the fact, another victim died in hospital. Final (I hope) toll: eight.