Let me try to translate and condense this newspaper item, which I am pretty sure did not run on your end.

In the first half of this year, European Union chair Austria¬† proposed to the the US in a meeting with John Bellinger to make some sort of arrangement for the so callled “renditions”, the secret transport of terror-suspects. Bellinger answered the US needed to “think about it”.

According to a EU Parliament member, high EU officials, a.o. foreign affairs coordinator Javier Solana have withhelt information. “There has been structural talks between the EU and th eUS about this”, where Solana had mentioned the subject was only touched once and with Condolica Rice.

A commision concluded some member states administrations must have known about the existence of those prisons, naming the UK, Poland, Italy and Germany. There is “serious circumstancial evidence there was a secret [CIA] prison in Poland. Also, there have been at leats 1245 secret transport flights over EU territory.

Solana and the Dutch EU anti-terror coordinator de Vries are said to have have insufficiently cooperated with the comission.
A rather vague newsitem, but something is cooking IMHO. I wrote about this earlier.