A couple of days ago, I posted on The Regulator that Ed Hale had finally lawyered up in his battle with Phil Berg and Momma E.  The astute reader may remember that Ed called his Eagle Scout lawyer one of the best.”

So, he’s got “one of the best” defending him, at a cost of thousands of dollars to his listeners, in a suit with potential damages of well over a million dollars. And what does Ed go and do?

He writes directly to the Judge, completely cutting his “OOTB” lawyer out, and notifies his lawyer by sending him a copy of the letter.

How did we find this?  Taking a quick look at Ed’s Chat Page last night we saw a new interesting link:

destories evidense

How could anyone resist reading a post that promises “destories evidense” and prison time? So  we looked. You can look too, here at Ed’s or here at our copy. (pdf files, 1.2 meg, 2 pages)

Ed scanned his letter to the Judge, complete with red smudge marks at the bottom right hand corner of the second page. We knew immediately that Ed had written this. Unfinished sentences and misspellings or improper words are a dead give away.

But sound clips from her show on Jan 2, 2009, Jan 7, 2009,
May 8, 2009 and June 10, 2009.


Oh June 11, 2009...

After we got up off the floor and calmed the dog, we just couldn’t believe how incredibly stupid this move was. Millions of dollars at stake and Ed thinks that if he sends enough ‘evidense’ directly to the Judge he can avoid going to court.  Only he doesn’t include any evidence, there are just some URLs and assertions. He’s acting like he’s talking to his internet audience, if he says something over and over they will believe him eventually.

And a great deal of the laughter was seeing once again Ed’s claim that Momma E had stolen from him a public document.

A quick word from Cat96 here. “We had planned on doing a 1 year retrospective on Ed. The first Ptarmigan Nest post about Ed was on June 15, 2008, and quite a bit of archiving has gone on. As part of the retrospective GG and I were going to debunk Ed’s claims against Momma E and the divorce docs, but now seems appropriate. Since I spend quite a bit of time in Ed’s chat, I’ll let GG write that up so I don’t inadvertently give away bits of my writing style and chat personality.”

I don’t know how Cat96 can stand it in Ed’s chat, but she does come up with some good stuff every now and then. We’ll have the debunking of Ed’s claims about Momma E up later.

lwayer up

Oh and Ed, we don’t need any “premission” from you to post this stuff.

(For clarity, because we’ve dealt with Ed before and know his obsession with deleting pages/documents and then denying they ever existed, we’ve linked pages on Ed’s site in RED. Copies hosted here are linked in BLUE. Any documents hosted here retain the same file names as Ed’s and have not been modified.)