Personal sortakinda rant, but I hope some of you can benefit.

I have been an enthusiastic user of marked product. Google docs is fantastic when co-working on documents real-time. Gmail is a terrific email system, Latitude/maps is of unheard quality and the blackberry product line, in my case a modest 8310 is, in lieu of the wonderful iPhone, the only enterprise grade smart phone. Having said that I have been running in an avalanche of issues I will share only onĀ  a high level, as this is no tech blog. Hope it helps.

  1. gmail: when sending mail to self it used to pop up on the blackberry (using BIS, not BES) instantly, making it ideal for getting ie a link to the smartphone for copy-pasting. Not anymore. This seems to be completely on googles side. Everything goes to the blackberry, but not emails to self. Solution: create a dedicated email for this purpose. My advice would be to setup an email address directly on BIS, as it is pushed straight away to the phone.
  2. gmail: mail suddenly stopped flowing to the Blackberry. This one was hair-pulling, tried everything and more. The only solution I have found so far is to brick the Blackberry and reload the OS and everything else from the ground up. HAVE BACKUPS!!
  3. calendar: loss of sync entirely. Ditto. Note this is an entirely different beast as syncing is done using the google sync client software on the Blackberry, whereas mail is entirely handled on server farms. HAVE BACKUPS!!
  4. calendar: assuming you have gmail already and want to start using calendar, BEFORE you install google sync ensure your gmail address is set as the Standard account for the ICAL servicebook.
  5. latitude/maps: long story short, if you ever want to share your position with friends using latitude, make absolutely sure both you and the friends have ONE google username, and NOT any other associated email address they can use for login too. Not abiding to this rule will end you up in an endless loop once you try to break the latitude friendship. Google has acknowledged the issue and rolled out some fixes that…… didn’t fix it! A workaround floats that unfortunately didn’t do it for me.

Reading the above it all sounds horribly unreliable. It doesn’t seem to be, and after some serious swearing (and completely reloading a device is NOT fun), I am happy with the setup again. I’ll keep you posted if things go horribly wrong again.

Update: 1) gone forever I guess. Workaround is fine for me ~ 2) yes, solved I am pretty sure after bricking ~ 3) solved after bricking and after ensuring what was mentioned under 4 ~ 5) I did the workaround for friend and myself a couple of days ago and that did not help. I tried again this morning and I was finally able to delete the “friendship”. This could have been a combination of the workaround mentioned, google fixing things and a timeout.

Update: next to a few updates above, I was also confronted with a flaw in the trip program I wrote. New version available (for free).