The risk level for Mexican flu has been downgraded in my country to the level of normal, seasonal flu, and tamiflu will no longer be supplied. And here are the statistics:

  • give tamiflu to 200 otherwise healthy flu patients and it will prevent one case of serious complications, at the same time creating serious side effects in 20-30.
  • The symptoms are relatively mild and comparable with a normal seasonal flu, in wich 1-3% of the patients develop complications, usually pneumonia.
  • those patients developing complications are almost always already in a risk-group (i.e. age, a long disease, etc) and those get a flu shot for free always (note: I get one every year too).
  • all hospitals are prepared for a huge influx of flu patients.

Now, I am not calling BS on Mexican flu, but this sure puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? Oh and for all of you out there, behave eh? Wash hands often, and sneeze in your arm, NOT in your hand, let alone in the open.