Bear with me, maybe a bit of a long intro. My back yard faces a small park “lint” running in parallel to the freeway behind it. My office is at the back of my house in the former garage. This morning, I was working in my office. As it is a bit hot I was not wearing shoes and no shirt. Suddenly I hear panicky dog barking, not just barking, this was sounding “not good”. So first I ignore, I mean, sometimes dogs get in a little “upset”. After about a minute I decide to get up and have a peek over the fence, and I see 3 people surrounding what must obviously be fighting dogs (hard to see with the trees). One is slapping and I hear him scream from the top of his lungs “LET GO!!!! LET GO!!!! LET GO!!!!”. I watch for a short while to assess if they are or getting in control. Meanwhile, I see my neighbor (woman) also peeking over her fence and having a sort of “how awful isn’t it?” attitude. After about a minute I decide the situation is not improving. I rush back in, lace my shoes, jump in a shirt and walk over. There is no opening in my fence so I walk 3 houses down, cross, a 3 back again. All in all it must have been 4 minutes absolute minimum from the moment I hear the first signs of the fight. One of the guys is waving as I walk up “run, run please!” To make a long story short, I help contain the very aggressive, but thoroughly lined up Shefford Terrier (sp), who had up till that moment the other dogs breast firmly in its mouth. The wounded dog, that is unleashed, falls down, so I make sure the two other guys stay with it, while I keep the aggressor down by firmly grabbing it’s neck with two hands and pushing basically into the asphalt. The young woman walking it was in tears but kept her cool and I learn she is from the dog rescue nearby and has already called for help. Their jeep arrives soon, they pick up the victim dog to care for at the recue and lock away their own aggressor, that is still completely in red-eye mode in a cage in the jeep. Things settle, move on.

Now why am I writing this all down. I was stunned to lean this:

1) while we were containing the aggresor, a guy with two small dogs walks up from the other side, watches for a few, then decides to move on, passing us. Yes, he did go over the grass, probably keeping like 20 feet distance. WTF?????? This dog was going crazy and the other one was in serious distress and he passes with his f-ing dogs? It didn’t happen but it could have spurred another round of aggression. I even shouted at him he better turn back, but NOOOOOOO.

2) another, somewhat older man comes up with his dog too and simply stops and watches.

3) the neighbor did nothing. I know she saw and heard it, as we exchanged one or two words.

4) as I walked back after the event I see my other neighbors sitting in two garden chairs, 40-something-ers. As I said, I was was triggered while sitting inside and let me assure you the dogs howling and people screaming was NOT good.

Both neighbors, while nice are of the type they are annoyed if some fluff from trees in the park blow to their garden.

My point is: WTF is wrong with these people??

disclaimer: I do not particularly like dogs in general and holding down this winding biting-mouth-on-four-legs did not make me feel very comfortable, but that is hardly the point.