Friday September 4th at 7:55 PM Yesterday Martinair departed for the last time from Miami FL using flight number MP 646 back home to Amsterdam. I never was on this flight, but I did Amsterdam – Orlando. Not a really big deal in this economic climate, but this little tribute shows the passion of the staff in Miami. As many wrote on fora: you’ll be missed.

I never knew the firebrigade hose-down was done on a last flight, it is on a first flight to an airport by an airline. So maybe it’s a bit special.

Added Sep 18th: 2 days ago it was announced / rumored that Martinair will cease all passenger operations in 2010 and Martinair Cargo will become the sole Cargo operator of  Air France-KLM. Some destinations will be axed, the others will be transferred to Transavia (another operator in the AF-KLM group) and KLM. My first flight ever to the US was over 20 years ago using Martinair in a DC-10, Seattle as port of entry and then on to Los Angeles reboarding the same aircraft.