This is not a very nest-like post I guess. Last Thursday, a guy I worked with quite a bit at a client of mine passed away at age 36. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor about a year ago. As far as understand, if inoperable, it is next to impossible to eradicate those and the prognosis is almost always not good.

Understandably, he let them throw everything at him that was possible, to see if something would stick, up to the point his body was so bloated I did not recognize him on a picture he blogged (he did blog until a couple of weeks ago sharing what was happening to him, until he couldn’t anymore and his wife took over, occasionally). When there was no hope of recovery, something that dawned a few months ago, treatments like that were stopped and for the short time he had left, he looked pretty OK again. I was very, very impressed how he and maybe even more his wife was handling this.

J. is leaving behind his wife and young child, I think the kid is 3 years old. It is very, very sad.